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Many districts dump hundreds of thousands of dollars into new math curriculum only to find out it doesn't have all the necessities. Sometimes, that fact isn't found out until 2 years after the textbook adoption. We definitely can help you get rid of the ill feelings associated with lack of support from the company you purchased from. The task of investigating the true weaknesses of the math textbook series can be arduous. Creating a solution can pull many math specialists away from their rue job description.

Mathematics University has been creating personalized materials for schools and districts. Most of the time it is nothing more than simple tweaks to the textbook. Regardless of the textbook companies believing that they cover every standard well, educators know that is not always the case. With cooperation and input from all the facillitators, we can generate supplemental pieces and activities to fill the hidden gaps that the publishers created.

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Matthew McManus

CEO / Founder

K-8 Math Specialist

Matt has been involved with the education field for 30 years. Having taught every grade from K-8, he later used that to help the University Of Chicago School Mathematics Project's curriculum Everyday Mathematics. He now uses all that knowledge to help teachers and students appreciate and love math. Since founding Mathematics University in 2004, Matthew has taught in over 7500 classrooms and performed over 300 mathematics workshops,

Art Drotar
6-12 Math Specialist

With over 30 years in education, Art has brought a secondary specialty to Mathematics University. His background is incredibly diverse ranging from the 2000 Nike National Soccer Coach of the Year to the Director of Mathematics Instruction for Adams50 in Colorado. His team motivation skills easily parlay into successful motivational techniques for districts. His mathematics aptitude and successful history of district level success have made him an incredible asset to our company. .

Sabina Awuonda

International Business Manager

Consultant Manager

Sabina has been with the company since 2010. Her desire to bring Mathematics University to the international market has brought us to Africa. We are currently looking to help schools in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. With Sabina's African roots and command of local languages, we are volunteering help

Yvette Pairamanzi
Data & Statistical Analyst

Yvette is our newest team member. She hails from Zimbabwe but currently attends school at United States International University, in Nairobi. With her cross-cultural background, she has become very accustomed to identifying schools of need on many continents.


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